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Test banks are customized electronic testing resources by any lecturer for teaching. The test banks include past papers that the teacher in the previous semester provides, but they are not part of any academic teaching. They are considered duplicity, but it helps students to cover more content in a brief period of crime, so according to the law, this is not a crime. With the help of Testbankways, students will be able to make preparations for their exams and acquire A-1 Grades throughout their academic life.

In Testbankways, the student can quickly get objective questions to practice for their exams, so they are not confused or forget any of the topics during the examination.

Types of questions

The most important thing that pops into our mind is, what sort of questions are available at the test bank. It is straightforward to answer this question; the test bank includes multiple choice questions, matching the following, fill in the blanks, true and false, and much more. The repeated questions that might be part of the current examinations test banks ensure their store is updated each year.

Questions included in the test bank

100+ questions are part of the test bank, and they are mostly general knowledge questions and are classified into the following categories:

  1. Reasoning Ability: It includes 35 objective questions based.
  2. English language: This category generally involves 30 questions that students forms.
  3. Quantitative Aptitude: This segment includes 35 objective questions 

Test bank, Anonymous

The major disadvantage of the test bank is that it is usually anonymous, but with time, students decode it and can easily access the test bank.

Can I get caught while using test banks?

Yes, you can get caught, but now many anonymous publishers ensure that it is within limited use by the students.

Who else uses the test bank?

You might be thinking, besides students, who else uses test bank? Like students, lecturers change the classroom, and publishers provide different supplements and copyright to professors. Therefore, nowadays, many teachers rely on test banks to prepare for the exam for students.

Advantages of Test Banks

It is a fact that students invest a lot of their time in studying, doing daily assignments, and preparing for weekly texts and exams, which affects their personality. With the help of a test bank, student burden can be reduced, and they score effortlessly in the exams. One of the most significant advantages of Testbankways is that it reduces the burden on students and keeps them mentally fit and alert, which helps them to focus on their studies properly, and thus they perform well in examinations. There are multiple advantages of using a test bank:

  • Online accessibility 
  • Affordable prices
  • Save your time by searching quickly for the thing you are looking for.
  • You can easily hunt the questions together
  • It saves time for the Lecturer to mark each test.
  • Lecturers can customize every part of the test to meet their teaching requirements. 

What is a Solution Manual?

It is a catalog or document that highlights and elaborates the solution for a series of problems. Solution manuals provide advantages over digital options. The teachers write and publish these manuals simultaneously, making them faultless.

  • Solution manuals are helpful

Considering the solution manuals are not very useful and helpful to students, they only provide answers to the question that is asked, and it also allows you to answer the question. 

  • Solution manuals give offers

These manuals provide varying and clearly defined options and offer an exact solution prepared in the textbook.

  • Availability of solution manuals

Solution manuals can be accessed from any site free of cost. They can be obtained from multiple sites with free downloads, and the student can simply search on google to get solution manuals.

Advantages of Solution Manuals

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of the manual:

  • Solution manuals are Automatic and streamed online.
  • Efficient and keeps on updating with time.
  • Motivational and students can mentally focus on their studies using these manuals.
  • Trustworthy manuals, the student can rely on these manuals and also recommend them to others.

Difference Between Test banks and Solution Manuals

The significant difference between test banks and solution manuals is that test banks include content like practice questions that are part of academics and exams. In contrast, the manuals only provide the answers to the questions from textbook practices and their cases.

Categories of test bank

Here we will enlist some of the categories of test banks readily available at Testbankways.

  • Biological test bank

One of the most popular biological test banks includes all the notes, practice questions, and contents that can help you achieve A-1 grades in your exams. This test bank includes 100+ multiple-choice questions.

  • Pharmacology test bank

Pharmacology is defined as how drugs affect the biological system of human life and how the body responds to such drugs. Hence, this test bank is another popular one that deals with the biochemical and physiological of drug lives. It only provides users with topics related to drugs and chemical properties.

  • Medical assistant test bank

This category is further sub-categorized into the general category, clinical, and administrative class. The general category test bank includes information about medical terms, psychology, and different medical morals. Clinical test banks deals with physiology, anatomy, and other topics related to this genre. Lastly, we have an administrative class that comprises business exercise, scheduling, and reception.

  • Nursing test bank

It is one of the oldest test banks, which includes 6500 types of w=question related to nursing and covers a broad scope of nursing topics.

  • Social science test bank

Social science usually deals with studying human societies and their relationship with one another, and this branch is related to academic studies.

  • Nutrition test bank

Nutrition is defined as the biochemical and physiological process due to which organism utilizes food for their survival. Nutrients become a food source for the organisms that convert this food into energy and chemical structures. Using this test bank, we will get all the details related to macronutrients and the micronutrient present in the blood.

  • Pathophysiology Test Bank

Pathophysiology is a combination of pathology and physiology, which is the study of uncombed physiological processed that cause or result from or are otherwise related to some sorts of injuries or diseases.