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Test Bank for Foundations of Nursing 7th Edition by Cooper


By: Cooper

Edition: 7th Edition

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Test Bank for Foundations of Nursing 7th Edition by Cooper

Table of Content

Unit I: Fundamentals of Nursing

1. Evolution of Nursing

2. Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nursing

3. Documentation

4. Communication

5. Nursing Process and Critical Thinking

6. Cultural and Ethnic ConsiderationsUnit

II: Fundamentals of Clinical Practice

7. Asepsis and Infection Control

8. Body Mechanics and Patient Mobility

9. Hygiene and Care of the Patient?s Environment

10. SafetyUnit III: Introduction to Nursing Interventions

11. Vital Signs

12. Physical Assessment

13. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

14. Surgical Wound Care

15. Specimen Collection and Diagnostic Testing

16. Care of Patients Experiencing Urgent Alterations in Health

17. Complementary and Alternative Therapies

18. Pain Management, Comfort, Rest, and Sleep

19. Nutritional Concepts and Related Therapies

20. Fluids and Electrolytes

21. Dosage Calculation and Medication Administration

22. Care of Patients with Alterations in Health Unit

IV: Nursing Care Across the Lifespan

23. Lifespan Development

24. Loss, Grief, Dying, and Death

25. Health Promotion and Pregnancy

26. Labor and Delivery

27. Care of the Mother and Newborn

28. Care of the High-Risk Mother, Newborn, and Family with Special Needs

29. Health Promotion for the Infant, Child, and Adolescent

30. Basic Pediatric Nursing Care

31. Care of the Child with a Physical and Mental or Cognitive Disorder

32. Health Promotion and Care of the Older AdultUnit

V: Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

33. Concepts of Mental Health

34. Care of the Patient with a Psychiatric Disorder

35. Care of the Patient with an Addictive PersonalityUnit

VI: Fundamentals of Community Health Nursing

36. Home Health Nursing

37. Long-Term Care

38. Rehabilitation Nursing

39. Hospice care unit

VII: Transition to Professional Nursing

40. Professional Roles and Leadership